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Hi, I'm Sally Ross

Founder of REINVENT Life Coaching

Coach, speaker, and author, Sally Ross focuses on empowering women to overcome life’s challenges and gain courage so they can express their true essence and talents to the world. By rediscovering their true identity, they witness their own capabilities, imagination, and creativity.

Sally’s custom programs help women committed to generating more success, abundance, and joy in their lives. Using timeless and proven healing modalities, her holistic and transformational coaching encourages women to feel more self-sufficient in business and relationships.

Gaining inner strength and confidence, they redesign their personal image and manifest a future they desire: 

● Remove emotional blocks and gain self-esteem

● Learn to love every aspect of yourself

● Envision and design a bold new persona

● Challenge yourself to overcome fears

● Feel confident to make choices reflecting a future of your own design

Sally shares decades of insight and inspiration from her own challenges and victories. Connecting instantly with clients using her motivational and innovative style, Sally believes that when women find true inner strength, regain self-confidence, they take action to up-level their lives. In doing so, they become unstoppable. Their lives become unforgettable.

Motivated by her own transformation, Sally facilitates women's personal journeys as they build self-esteem, gain courage, and trust their inner voice so they can feel free, abundant, and authentic. 

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